By- Maddi Irwin

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The Chile flag..

The blue square in the canton region represents the sky, the white area represents the snow on Andes mtn, and the red represents the blood split in the fight for freedom.

Geographical features and Climate;

Geographical Features- Andes Mtn., Atacama Desert, Cape Horn Chilean Central, Chiloe Island (w/ an accent mark but idk how), etc.

Climate-Eco region,

Official Language of Chile is SPANISH

Currency of Chile

Chilean Peso

1$= 640.25 pesos

Population as of 2015

17,937,615 people in Chile


Preschool for children up to 5 years of age. Primary School for children 6-13 years, and Secondary for teens aged 14-17.


The government in Chile is a Democracy, with the president Michelle Bachelet. Michelle, the first women in the countries time!

Top 3 Visited Tourist attractions.

San Cristobal Hill, La Monteda Palace, Torres Del Paine National Park.


a corn casserole made with meat, olives and vegetables, is a popular lunch summer dish.