Hundred Days Offensive

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Summery of Hundred Days Offensive!!

The Hundred Days was the final campaign on the Western Front during the Great War. During this period a series of sequential Allied offensives finally broke through German resistance and compelled the German Army to seek an armistice.

Battle Information

  • Who? The Allied Powers- British Empire, France, Belgium, Portugal, Canada

Associated Powers-USA

Central Powers-German Empire, Austria-Hungary

  • What? This period is referred to as Canada's hundred days because of the substantial role that Canada played in causing the retreat of the German army
  • Where? Series of attacks along the western front.
  • When? July 18, 1918 to November 11, 1918

Top Generals (Leaders)

Other Generals & Leaders


  • The allied had won the war
  • It started with a surprise french counter attack against the Germans on the western front
  • The Allies were tired but not broken,as the Germans where And had the advantage of thousands of fresh troops from the Us
  • Allied Causalities- more the 1,000,00 only 125.000 were Americans
  • Germans causalities-750,000
  • Was a series of battles the allies fought to gain back lost land
  • November 11 is now known as remembrance day because of this war
  • was a trench warfare

Map Of The Hundred Days Offensive Battle

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Some Weapons they used


The trenches was where the soldiers stayed and slept when they weren't on the battle field.

The Trenches Now

These are the trenches from the world war 1 That you can Visit

Places to visit After the tour


Decisive Allied victory
Collapse of the German Empire

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