Outstanding Oriole Elementary

The Week Ahead: April 14-20, 2014

Thank you!!

Thank you again for the warm welcome I received from everyone on staff! I am grateful and fortunate to be a part of such an embracing family. My role is to "stand in the gap" in Ms. Flournoy's absence and lead the school through the next several weeks. Please continue to send up your prayers and light energy for her healing that she may return to Oriole stronger than ever before.

I will be sending out this weekly bulletin to highlight some important events coming up and to deliver any important news. As always, my door is open at any time! Have a marvelous week!!

This Week's Events

April 14th: Passover begins
April 14th: Finish Val-Ed survey for Ms. Flournoy (instructional staff)
April 15th: Big Brother/Big Sister Appreciation in Media Center 10-11AM
April 15th: Report Cards go home
April 15th: Honor Roll Assembly (K-2) 8:30-9:50AM
April 16th: Honor Roll Assembly (3-5) 8:30-9:50AM
April 16th: Team Leader Release Day
April 16th: Kindergarten Round-up 9:30AM and 5:30PM
April 16th: FCAT Test Administrator Training 2:15PM
April 17th: Take Your Child to Work Day
April 18th: Good Friday--NO SCHOOL
April 20th: Easter Sunday

Countdown to FCAT: 5 days....

We Can Do It!!

We are effectively five school days away from FCAT. You've taught, re-taught, double dosed, pushed in, pulled out--all those things necessary to help prepare our students for this moment.

As we go down the home stretch, let's instill in the students a "can do" attitude. Help them believe that if they work to their fullest potential, they can come out a winner in their own right. Remind them to use those strategies and techniques you have taught them. Maintain a positive focus each and every day.

For our little ones in K-2, help them to understand the importance of this test for their sister/brother/cousin/friend AND for this school. Even though they are not taking the test, they too have a hand in creating a positive school climate through their actions and behavior.

Above all, speak positive words of success as you come in contact with our 3rd-5th grade students so that they will believe that THEY CAN AND WILL DO IT!!!

Amazing Tidbit

Every day this week the days are the same forward and backward: 4/14/14; 4/15/14; 4/16/14; 4/17/14; 4/18/14; and 4/19/14.

Now for a little fun... (you may have to view at home)

Let It Go (Testing Parody)