Makenzie Wall's Semester Exam

year 1


  • T- Taught a lesson to the students on a powerpoint at Grace Hardeman Elementary about the underground railroad and Harriet Tubman. Where she was born. What she did. When she died. What she was known for.

  • R- Nothing

  • A- Inspirational word on a word block

  • F- I sold cookies in the being of the year. Only sold to 1 person 1batch about $15

  • L-Nothing

  • E- Had four colleges come to the school to talk to us about their prices and what good programs they have. They were awesome and had gifts for us. they all have good values my favorite.

  • S- Failed horribly

My future as a Teacher

Applied to three different colleges:

-Tarleton University

-Tarrant County College

-Oklahoma Christian University

Plan on going to TCC for two years to get basics done.Then moving on to either Tarleton or Oklahoma Christian University to finish up on my major and hopefully go back at a year or two to get a major in Librarian.

Oklahoma Christian Christian

This is my dream college and I hope to go to it next year.

Makenzie Wall's Portfollo