Best motivational speech EVER! *Never give up!!!* Eric Thomas

My aunt

It was december 2009 when my aunt got the horrible news… she had breast cancer. The doctors had told her that if they fought it she would live, if she didn’t she had three months at most. Before she was diagnosed with breast cancer she was more lively and was able to compete in more physical activities. Before the diagnostics she was willing to try more things and live life more on the edge.

After she received the news she didn't have as much energy and was tired from all the chemotherapy she had to go through but she still had enough energy though to be able to deal with everyday tasks. Although the risk taker side of her was lost, she was determined to beat cancer and be able to say I lived through cancer. Now that she has been cancer free, most of her energy has returned and tries to participate more in physical activities. In the end she was determined to battle the cancer and live a happy rest of her life. Even through her battle she never lost her cheerful attitude

Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy lived a happy and fun filled life, until one day she was rushed to the hospital with flu like symptoms and in a state of septic shock. On her way the hospital she experienced respiratory and multiple organ failures, when they finally arrived at the hospital the doctors only gave her a 2% chance of living. On top of that she also needed a kidney transplant only weeks before her 21st birthday and both of her legs needed to be amputated. Amy loved to snowboard, but now that wasn't a possibility. However Amy was determined to find a way to be able to feel the wind blow in her face as she zoomed down the mountain. So Amy built her own pair that fit her right and felt good to her. Now she has won over three medals in the paralympics for downhill snowboarding because she was determined to find a way.

Home P Figg

Homer P Figg faced many challenges throughout the course of the book. One big problem he faced was having to find his brother and get him out of the civil war. On his journey he encountered other problems that stood in his way of finding his brother, some of which included running through a war, and being treated like an animal during a circus event he was asked to participate in.

For each of these problems he had a solution. His solution for running through a war was steal a horse. He stole a horse so he could run away and not be forced to deal with dodging bullets or fighting other people. Homers solution to being treated like a filthy animal was sneak away. Late one night when no one was looking hom and another member bailed from there shindig. In the end he was determined to find solutions to his problems

Bill Gates

Bill gates failed before he made his fortune off of Microsoft. These failures are what caused him to succeed. One failure he endured was he was forced to drop out of college at Harvard. Another one he had to deal with was the business that he co owned didn’t work out and forced was shut down.

Those did stop him, they only inspired him to go farther. Those reasons caused him to make Microsoft. He loved programming so much that he couldn't see himself fail. If those adversities hadn't come up in his life he may not have made Microsoft. Or if the business he co owned didn't get shut down he wouldn't have tried to go farther and the make the things he did.

Jackie Robinson

Early life

Jackie was born into the town of Cairo Georgia. his life was far from normal. This was the time of segregation. Growing up he went to school and played sports. His sports life really started when he entered high school at John Muir high school. He was a starter for the varsity team. He played for four years and the went to UCLA.

Later life

Jackie went on to play 4 more years at UCLA. Then one day he was approached by a recruiter from the Brooklyn dodgers. He was asked to play professionally as the first black person. He knew it would be hard as the first black player, but he was determined to give it a try. Towards the end of his career he was one of the best ball players and nominated into the baseball hall of fame .


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