Mount Pleasant, Michigan

By: Averey Crabtree


What season is it there? it is the Winter Season, but almost spring

Highest high temperature- 39 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lowest low temp- 9 Degrees Fahrenheit

Winds- highest high wind- 19 (Mph) Lowest low wind- 6 (Mph)

Direction of winds- North


Precipitation & Humidity

The precipitation had a mixture of- Rain & Snow

The Amount- between 20% and 100%

Humidity- the Average percent of humidity throughout the week was mainly between 27% to about 90%. Yes it did change throughout the week.

Contact person

I contacted my Grandparents.

The weather was normally cold, rainy, and snowy.

My predicted Temperatures were really pretty close with what the actual temperature was during that week.



The Climate in Michigan during wintertime is really cold!

Latitude- 44' degrees

My Latitude is closer to the poles of the equator.


Prevailing winds- Southwesterly winds

Michigan is a small city

Hurricanes- no, Tornadoes- rarely


Michigan is near a large lake called Lake Michigan.

Effects- maybe a small Hurricane.