The Lost Hero

The Theme of Courage

Child of lightning, beware the Earth.

The giants' revenge, the seven shall birth.

The forge and dove shall break the cage.

And death unleash through Hera's rage.


"'And if I fail?' he asked.'

'Great victory requires great risk,' she admitted. 'Fail and there will be bloodshed like we have never seen.'" (Riordan,246)

This piece of evidence shows how Jason must be a strong and courageous leader to save the world, even though he knows this quest will be freighting and dangerous. In the beginning of the text, Jason is very confused when he wakes up with no memories, and is told he needs to go on a quest to save a goddess. But towards the end of the story, Jason learns the struggles of being the son of the king of gods, and accepts to be the leader in the dangerous quest to defeat the giants anyway.

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"They'll never defeat the giants without you, much less the mistress they serve... nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines."(Riordan,333)

Although Leo doesn't want to believe it, he has learned that without him, the Hero's of Olympus cannot complete their quest and save the world from the giants and Gaea. In the beginning of the story, Leo feels like he isn't the right "forge" mentioned in the prophecy. But in the end he learns that he is a VERY courageous person, and without him, Jason and Piper will not be able complete their quest.

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"Beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself-- avoid trying to be something you're not."(Riordan,430)

Piper is trying to figure out who she is, and prove that her mom and her fellow siblings are more than a pretty face. Which is a difficult image to change, that also requires a LOT of courage. In the beginning, when Piper learns that her mother is Aphrodite, she doesn't quite understand how powerful love is, and believes he mother's power is only about being pretty. Towards the end of the book though, she learns that being a powerful charm speaker like her mother, takes a lot of courage. Especially when facing another charm speaker, like Medea.

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Courage is a huge part of life, and without it we would never have people conquering their fears and making a difference in the world, like Jason, Leo, and Piper overcoming their fears in order to save the world from Gaea. Because of courageous people, like these book characters, we have had many hero's help keep others safe and make the world a better place in dangerous times, and risky situations.