Mcdonalds in Australia

Kate Hubbard, Ryan Hockemeyer, Michelle Zhang,Shweta Krisnan

McDonalds Menu:

1. Oven-Baked Texas chicken skewers

2. Chicken Parmigiana burger

3. Chicken parmigiana snack wrap

4. Star shaped fish bakes

5. Blueberry and Maple McGriddles

6. McMeat pie

7. Barbecued Lamb kabob

8. Mcfish and chips

9. Tim Tam Flavored Sundae

10. McLamington

Dress Code of Employees


The clerks would wear the regular Mcdonald's shirt tucked into tan slacks with a McDonalds hat. The chefs who work in the kitchen should wear long sleeve shirts, tan slacks, a hairnet and a hat in order to keep the hairnet on and make sure that hair does not fall out of the hairnet. When it gets cold they are able to wear longsleeve shirts under their uniform.

The Building Design

If the McDonalds was built in a major city, then the building would be built up instead of out because all of the buildings in majjor cities in Australia are skyscrapers. The regular towns in Australia that are not as well known as the major ones would probably have normal sized McDonalds similar to the United States. Since part of Australia is country there would not be McDonalds built in certain places because no one would live there.

Paragraph about the Australian McDonalds

We put a lot of food Australians prefer and then mix them with the regular McDonald’s cuisine. For example, Tim Tams are a chocolate that Australians really enjoy and are well known for having in their country. Some people that live in Australia also enjoy things called meat pies, which are basically pies filled with meat. We put that on the menu and called it McMeat pies because we thought that they would have that. Since their environment and climate is hot and dry, they have a lot of barbecues as well so a lot of their food is grilled. That’s why we put barbecued lamb kabobs on the menu because they apparently really like lamb as well. For the dress code, we said that they would most likely wear the things that the American workers wear as well, just the standard McDonald’s shirt tucked into tan slacks. Sometimes, they could wear shorts if it’s really hot during a season. They would probably build up from the major cities, so the McDonald’s would be up on second and third stories, not on the floor. This shows globalization because McDonald’s was originally an American restaurant and now, the Australians have taken the restaurant and adapted it to their own liking and preference to better suit their country’s taste.