FOR SALE- Happylife Home


Happylife Home

A house with much grandeur, this home will be there for your children when you can't be. Its abilities to meet the needs of humans and pets are beyond anything you've ever seen before, with such standards as: A friendly voice announcing the time all throughout the house, an automatic scrubber for your children when it's time to rinse the fun day off of your kids, and a special nursery where your children's minds connect to create their own beautiful worlds.

For Sale Now-$30,000

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Imagery--The Veldt (again)

"That sun. He could feel it on his neck, still, like a hot paw. And the lions. And the smell of blood." The children have been spending so much time in their nursery that they created a perfectly evil world filled with death and blood and sweltering heat.
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Indirect Characterization--The Children

The Hadley children are beyond spoiled. They have been handed everything they want on a silver platter and spend more time in the nursery than the people who actually gave birth to them. They are also extremely creepy as they turn the nursery into a sweltering veldt full of death.