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We've been in business for 21 years now serving amazing chocolates just for you with the founding recipes to make extraordinary chocolate.

Summer programs

Our summer programs are held for people of all ages who want to experience step by step how to make chocolate and design it.

For some of the chocolate making you are required to be older than 21 cause some of are chocolates ingredients are alcohol

This tasty and fun program is one you don't want to miss so join us this summer and be part of the experience.

More info will be provided soon.

Valentine's day

This valentines day make someones valentines special and unique by gifting them one of our delicious and tasty chocolates from are store or order online.

There are 18 different chocolates and designs varying from covered chocolate boxes , chocolaty hearts , chocolate teddy bears and chocolate covered champagne glass.

Also try are " Make your own chocolate " system were you get to create a special unique chocolate for that special someone.

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Don't let the Easter bunny catch you unexpected, purchase your chocolaty bunny's online or at the nearest location and arrange delivery date with are reliable costumer service.

This Easter we have 17 new products to provide to you from 18 in bunnies to chocolaty eggs making Easter seem more delicious the it is.

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Loyalty Reward points

With loyalty points you get points , promo codes , notifications , and discounts for every purchase you make or your loyalty to us.

This is great when you have special occasions because you can earn free chocolates or special customization design making are online purchase more exciting and creative when it comes to to chocolates .

This privileges are only available online so go check our website out and start earning free points.

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Look what our customers think

Jennifer B. said "My husband and I stumbled upon this place while we were out adventuring in our new home. Let me just say this - I'm not a chocolate ice cream fan, but the chocolate custard here is AMAZING!

Melissa G. said "I shouldn't tell, but the chocolate and bourbon concoction is delicious. I think I am addicted. I decided to go by here to buy some chocolate dipped Oreos as a Christmas gift. Delicious hand made chocolates! The owner is very sweet and makes everything in-store. She is talented and a true artist.

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