The Eklin Journal

October 30, 2015

Mark Your Calendar

Nov. 6-Half day for students

Nov. 10- Conferences 4:15-7:30 pm

Nov. 11- Late Start- door open at 9:20 am

Nov. 12- Conferences 4:15-7:30 pm

Nov. 25-27- No school Happy Thanksgiving

Halloween Party

Thank-you to Mrs. Slater for coordinating our party and to everyone for the many donations of food and supplies. Thank-you to all the parents who helped supervise games and make the party a great experience for all the children.

Hayride Fun!

The children enjoyed a wonderful hayride Friday morning thanks to Mr. Klenow! He made all the arrangements for hay bales and a trailer so all the children at IE could enjoy a hayride. Special thanks to Mrs. Stewart who led the singing of Halloween songs.. The entire staff worked together to provide cider and donut holes for the children as a special treat.

Conference News:

Conferences are November 10 and 12. Please be sure to sign up for a conference using the link below. Thank-you.

Reading News

We are studying characters in our chapter books. This week we thought about connecting with our characters, empathizing with them. Students looked for details to try to figure out what the character is really like and also tried to predict what the character would do based on established traits.

Spelling/ Word Study News:

The children worked in their Word Study notebooks. All children are currently working with one spelling list so I can teach them word work routines. We worked with words having long a and short a sounds. Students learned the patterns for making long and short vowel sounds (consonant-vowel-consonant or consonant- vowel-consonant- silent e). Children learned how to sort their words using a variety of techniques that hopefully cemented the pattern. With this knowledge students should b able to apply the patterns when writing to spell most short and long a words correctly. Students who learn to look for these patterns will also be more successful at being able to pronounce unfamiliar words they come across in print. Students tested on this list of words Friday and next Monday will begin with long i and short i words.

After this list the children will be broken into spelling groups to study words with the patterns that best fit their individual needs. I expect to have a minimum of 3 spelling groups this year, all studying different patterns.

Writing News

We wrote great leads for our stories. We tried using action lead and setting leads.

We completed Grammar Rule #4, recognizing common and proper nouns and remembering to use capital letters with the proper nouns. Students also completed Grammar Rule #5 Recognizing singular and plural nouns.

Math News

Triple digit subtraction kept us busy this week. Students regrouped from the tens and hundreds place values and learned how to regroup across multiple place values when there were zeros in places. We a re using our subtraction facts every day. We have also been practicing our mad minutes daily! Some students have passed all of the addition mad minutes are now working on subtraction mad minutes.

Cursive News

Students practiced letters using the straight up and down stroke. We learned lowercase u, i, and y. We reviewed all of the letters to date on Friday.

Science News

Our little scientists explored standard linear measurement this week. We measured in inches and half-inches. Rulers can be confusing for third graders with all of the little hash marks. We discussed the marking on classroom rulers show 1/16th of an inch but we measure to the nearest half-inch in third grade. If possible try to expose your child to measuring tools around the house.

S.S. News~ From Mrs. Boewe

We began the week looking at our continent, country, county and local community. We then looked at Cardinal and intermediate directions. Finally, we applied this knowledge to a map as a way to compare two locations . . . we found it's harder than we thought!

Technology News:

This week we continued our keyboarding lessons this week with 4 trips to the computer lab. We are practicing about 30 minutes a day 4 days a week. Most students are making great progress. We encourage students to make use of home row to improve speed of typing on a keyboard.

We also helped first grade students this week. Our third graders taught first grade friends how to log on to the Chromebooks using their Google log ins. They also helped first graders change screenshots, and take pictures for their icons. Nice work, third graders!