DataClover - Customer Outreach Systems for Dealerships

About DataClover

DataClover recognizes the importance of the service relationship in establishing dealership customer loyalty. Statistics show that service customers regularly servicing their vehicle at the dealership go on to purchase a vehicle at the same dealership in 86 percent of cases. At the same time, other studies show that only 23 percent of buyers continue to service their vehicle at the dealership three years after purchase. DataClover's solution helps dealerships monitor these customer behaviors by using data informatics to reveal their customers servicing elsewhere and the repairs that other service centers provide for them.

DataClover continues its service to dealerships by providing proprietary lost customer re-acquisition and attrition prevention tools. Through data-based customer communication and smart-coupon marketing, DataClover allows dealerships to reach out to those customers with the offers that are most likely to benefit them. DataClover also uses an integrated information collection system to identify open recall customers as well as those vehicle owners who have not purchased vehicles or service within a five-year period. This methodology allows DataClover clients to pursue and potentially attract new customers at a cost five times lower than that required for a new vehicle sale.