By: Jordyn Allison

Job Description

~Help cows deliver a calf if they are complications.

~Perform emergency surgery to help a pet after it has been hit by a car.

~Give Pets their vaccines, like rabies shots, to help keep them healthy.

Cool fact about this job

Veterinarians help prevent, diagnose and treat heath problems in a wide variety of animals.

How does this career befit the society

Helps animals when they get harmed or when they need health shots.

What education and skills you need

You need a Professional degree (DVM). Work with animals and get along with all animals.

Personality need for the job

Patience, Attention to detail, good communication skills, and a love of animals.

Annual Salary

$87,590 a year

Projected job growth

7% to 13% on the growth

Companies that hire in this field

~The humane society of the United States.

~United Stated Department of Agriculture.

~VCA Antech, Inc.