The End of Stupidity Has Come!

Enemies of the Heir, Beware...

A Burden Easily Removed

With all of the no more brain than stone people removed, no longer wilt a burden beest on our shoulders. Nay! By removing the people, we remove the burden, and more opportunities ariseth.

An Abundance of Possibilities

With a decent 13.5% of the inhabitants removed, there would be more opportunities for work, more land to be had! With them removed, t'would be easy to enjoy the simpler, kinder pleasures, such as dueling and engorging upon the fruits of the vine.

Copious Influential Research Options

Suddenly, with all the stupid people given the boot, researching for a cure for some disease that corrodes the brain is suddenly worthless! Now, those scientists, that budget, and all of that time can be put toward more promising items, such as a 3D Microwave. What is this black sorcery? Could you explain 3D microwave? What is a microwave? I say, my father will hear of this! He will have you hung, you wretched plebeian!