Stop the Spread of Cholera


What is Cholera?

Cholera is a powerful diarrheal disease that, upon infecting victims, can spread through their bodies and kill them within hours if it isn't treated properly and on time. This disease, while very serious when caught, can easily be prevented and treated with the right steps and precautions.
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What are the Causes?

One can get infected by simply ingesting any food or drink containing Vibrio Cholerae, which is the bacterium that causes Cholera. These bacteria will then be present in feces, allowing it to spread to other places and infect more people. This disease would most likely be present in areas with poor sanitation and conditions that aren't fit for living in, like where many people the 1800s are living. It is also usually spread through contaminated drinking fountains and the consumption of uncooked food.


Most people infected with cholera would experience quite a few symptoms; the main one being dehydration, which can eventually lead to death. Milder symptoms include headaches, nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.

How to Treat it

People with cholera need to drink plenty of water to replenish fluids and electrolytes so they will not die of dehydration. The number of deaths caused by this disease will drop to less than one percent. However, it is always better to prevent cholera than to treat it after suffering its effects. Frequently washing your hands with soap and water is one way to decrease your chances of getting infected, and making sure that your drinking water is safe is another. Boiling it will kill the bacteria. It is always important to be wary of all of the possible ways of getting cholera and to practice hygienic habits in order to avoid catching it.
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