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The Basics of Remind

How can Remind work for me?

The website/app Remind is a modern form of communication designed to help teachers and parents connect. Use it as a way to bridge that gap that we sometimes face between our busy lives as teachers and the busy lives of our parents and students. Don't view it as a replacement for those important face-to-face conferences or valuable positive phone calls, but look at it as a quick way to reach out to your parents easily and more often than you normally would.

Getting Started

Use either the web or your device to get set up. As the front page of says, it takes 15 seconds to sign up! Once your account is set up, it's simple to get your class list(s) started. If you have just one homeroom, here's what you do:

  • Click on "Add new class"
  • Name your class (it is your choice, but it must be longer than three letters)
  • It will then give you instructions on how to get your parents signed up! If you're on the website, you can even choose the second tab and enter in your parents' email addresses or phone numbers to have Remind send them a message for you!
  • OR, simply send home a note to your parents to "Text (this message) to (this number) to get signed up to receive important messages from me!" (Or ask at your conferences, or email them, etc.)

If you'd like to have more than one group, just repeat these steps.

Really, it's that easy.

And best of all, your parents will not have access to your personal cell number at any time.

My classes are set up. My parents are signed up. Now what?

If your classes are set up and parents have joined in, you are ready to start Reminding everyone of all the great things going on in your class. Do you need empty milk cartons for a science experiment? Send out a Remind. Do you have class pictures coming up? Send out a Remind. Do you want to give out the new vocabulary word of the week and get some conversation started at home? Send out a Remind. Is the big field trip coming up and half the permission slips are still missing? Send out a Remind! Better yet, make the permission slip into a PDF and attach it for parents to reprint at home! The possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for?

There's no time like the present to get started! Get your account set up and start the new year off right. Email me or tweet me with any questions....and visit the Padlet above to contribute your ideas for using this great app.

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