Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C.

George Washington was our leader in the American Revolution. George Washington was a great leader. Robert Mills decided to build this monument to honor Goerge Washington, our first president and a great leader. This article will tell you some interesting things and some other stuff such as the builders payment, when it began and some other cool things.

A man named Robert Mills designed the Washington Monument. Construction began in 1848, but was stoped because lack of funds, political turmoil, and uncertainty about the survival of the American Union caused the intermittent hiatus, then was finished in 1884. The Washington monument was built in Washington, D.C. In the national mall.the washington monument is the tallest building in D.C. No other building in D.C is aloud to be taller than the Washington monument.

The Washington monument is made out of marble and granite. There are 50 flags encircling the base of the monument, those flags represent the 50 states. The original elevator ride to the top took 20 minutes. Only men were allowed in the elevator as it was thought to be unsafe. Women and children had to climb all 897 stairs.

It cost $225 to make the aluminum cap that sits atop the Washington Monument. Aluminum was considered a rare metal and as precious as silver. The marble changes color at the 152 foot mark. The average workday during construction was 10 hours. A common laborer earned $1 per day. The highest paid workers earned $2 per day.

The cost to build the monument was $1,187,710.00. To keep that in perspective, sugar was 8 cents a pound, eggs were 20 cents a dozen, cheese was 13 cents a pound and you could rent a room with board for an entire month for $2.79. Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk. The geometric layout of Washington, D.C.'s streets and green spaces originally designed by Pierre L'Enfant reserved a prominent space for a monument to George Washington. Once you make it to the top you can see over 30 miles. That pretty much means you can see all of Washington DC and everything in it.

The lengthy process involved in constructing the Washington Monument was one that, despite its difficulties and setbacks, has achieved the project’s initial goal. The impressive structure stands in the Nation’s Capital as “a memorial … worthy of the memory of George Washington.

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