How ww1 all started

ww1 started

How ww1 started because Archduke Francis Ferdinand got assassinated. and people did not like it because Archduke Francis Ferdinand was a really good man who try to keep the peace between every one.Russia supported austro-hungary. and germany supported serbia. russia declared war on russia.

Archduke Francis Ferdinand

born in graz austria (1863-1914). what he did was keep the peace between every country.He did look at every one arm. he did fall in love with a woman name sophie von chotoato. They both got assassinated.
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stuff you need to know about countrys

what happen in ww1

men in ww1 were try to fight for their lifes. and try to fight for our country:)


what is nationalism is when one country have more power then all the other country. but mostly all the countrys are loyalty to each other.


the belief a country should maintain a strong military capability and ready to use it any time.

All the power

all the power goes to germany, austria-hungary, ottoman empire, bulgaria

Kaiser Wilhelm2

he was the king of prussia from (1888-1918). he was a recognizabe public figuers off ww1.
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