The Tipping Point

What are the character traits of salemen?

Salesman are very optimistic and imaginative. One of the most important character traits of salesman is being persuasive. Another trait of lots of salesman is that they are irresistible. Salesmen have the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing.

Who are the key examples of Salesman? Describe.

1. Tom Gau is a financial planner who loves helping people and is really persuasive.

2. Ronald Reagan was a salesman because he persuaded people to vote for them and lots of people talked high of him.

3. Peter Jennings was a salesman because he was trying to get people to not vote for Reagan.

* A example of salesmen is Beyonce and Chris Motionless. Beyonce is an example of a salesman because she has the power to influence millions of people to follow what she does just like Chris Motionless.