Helen Edwards Friday Focus

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall......There's a LEADER in us All

I wish that I could take credit for the title of this Friday Focus, but unfortunately....I can't. While visiting classrooms last semester, this title caught my eye in Mrs. Hoedebeck's classroom. As you can see in the picture, the best part of how she posted this message was the reflection that her students would see in the mirror....Themselves!! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! What I love about this message it that it includes everyone....students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents,...everyone! We are all leaders that contribute to the overall success of our students, school, district, and community. And as leaders, we need to bring our ideas together on ways we can improve our campus and showcase the success of our students. So, in May, we will conduct our annual Campus Needs Assessment to do just that! Your ideas and leadership on our campus is vital!! This will be our focus for our next staff meeting in April, so come prepared with ideas! Start looking around and see what would make our campus even better. This includes cosmetic improvements, procedural changes, technology upgrades, curriculum and assessment adjustments, parental involvement, and community outreach. Our campus can't move forward without you and your ideas. Ray Croc stated, "the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves." What kind of standards do we want to set for our campus and what type of leader does your reflection show?
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~Mark Your Calendar~


18: PPCD Field Trip to Gentle Petting Zoo

21: Kinder Field Trip to Aquarium

22: Kinder Field Trip to Aquarium

23: Mysti's Going Away Party @ 3:45

24: Planning Day

25: School Holiday!!!

31: FFA Petting Zoo @ HEECC

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

March 6: Lindsay Yuen

March 10: Vicki Reschke

March 12: Stacie Warren

March 20: Phyllis Antuna

March 21: Katelyn Holt

March 31: Ashton Marcellus

Pledge of the Week....Mrs. Burley's Class!

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