World of Beauty

by: Sean

Beauty and Media

I think that beauty is something that's inside them, not on what's outside. Their beliefs, culture, the uniqueness and talents of every individual persons are perks of being beautiful. But media separates what's the true meaning of beauty. They make certain image that people need to follow in order to fit in media. Make-ups, surgery, and all types of cosmetics sums up what media wants us to look.

beauty of life

Every persons life is precious. It holds a special bond between us and God. We shall use our life how God wants us to. We can't use it to bring people down and breaking their feelings. The life he gave us is for loving, and support one and another. God gave these orders to let us know and remind us that life is precious. He gave us the 10 commandments and the beatitude to guide us.He also loved us so much, that he sent his son, Jesus to guide the ones who strayed away from him. God's love is limitless, that's why God gave us life.