Writing a Book

How easy it can be

Where to get started

Many people desire to write stories, and novels to share with others. Books allow us to see into the mind of the author and into the minds of the characters the author creates.
When wanting to write a book you need a place to start. Start with an idea about what you would like to write about, nonfiction, fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction. There are many other genres that can be the base of your story, picking one is what will create the start of your book.

The second step of writing your book is coming up with an idea that will fit in the genre that you picked, if you think you have a good tale to tell try elaborating on your idea so that you can stretch it out into the length of your desired book.

The third step which is the most important step is to check what you've wrote. Many authors have a publisher that revise their work before it is able to be released into book stores, this is an extremely important detail to your success because how your books are rated is what makes you a good writer, or a bad writer. No author wants to make spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure mistakes by accident.

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