Youth Sports Concussions Awareness

Educating young athletes of the Dangers and Statistics

The Facts

Concussions can be more dangerous than you think, especially in youth sports. Concussions at a young age are more of a problem, because the athlete's brain is not yet fully developed. The effects can stay with the athlete for the rest of their life. You would assume the problem is because of male football. You would be wrong, The most youth concussions occur in female high school soccer and basketball. However, the most dangerous ones are in football. Statistics show that over 15% of athletes that suffer a concussion severe enough to lose consciousness return to play in the same event. That is the worst thing an athlete can do. The effects last longer, and lead to worse head injuries. Second Impact Syndrome (when an athlete suffers a concussion, then returns to action and suffers another severe concussion), result in death 50% of the time.