TCEA 2016

Websites, Apps and More

Websites & Tools You Can Use TOMORROW


Is a resource for non-fiction texts. It give you the ability to assign articles to groups of students, in different lexile levels, and then has quizzes available to check for understanding and new vocabulary. It also has a vote 2016 feature going on now with articles about the election and candidates and schools can sign-up to vote.


It a website to practice grammar, students get to pick interests and it assembles problems based on their interests. It has a great diagnostic, and you can assign students work by TEKS.

ToonTastic (APP)

allows kids to write and publish stories in a creative way! Each story consists of:






is a website where students can upload a picture, create speech bubbles and add text and/or their own drawings. Use this site for an all about me activity, to write about a famous or fictional person or to describe the setting of a book and more! IT DOES WORK ON THE iPad!

New York Times for Schools

Gives you current news, along with quizzes and writing prompts to go along with it.

Quiver App

Used for augmented reality, you can print out your pages to color and the items can come to life. You can have students write stories or summarize to go along with the item. MORE AUGMENTED REALITY INFORMATION.


similar to Kahoot, but you can scramble answer choices and a it is self-paced. You can turn your answer timer off, or you can set it for any time you wish. It has memes when students get answers correctly and you can set your own music. Students will finish at all different times, so it would be a fun assignment for homework. It has a feature to review what the kids missed, and you can pull questions from other quizzes in the bank.

Lets play!

Bingo Maker

Interactive Bingo Cards that can be customized to your classroom. There is a $9.95 charge, but you only play it once.


Online books, poems, songs, excerpts. Hundreds are free, you can search by TEKS and find the best book poem for you. They have embedded lessons and quizzes with each text. You can also set up your classes and assign books.


Padlet is a great way for students to respond to text, post questions on lessons, vote, or can always be used as an exit ticket.

Visuals for Vocabulary

Instagrok -is an online tool (also an APP) that generates an interactive we/concept map for any topic. Users are connected to external links (websites, videos, etc.) on the topic. The links can be sorted by reading level.

Visuwords- uses a web design to show students the definitions of words and the connections between words. The color-coded key helps users understand the correlations between the words in a web.

Wait there's MORE!

Let me know if you are interested in being apart of a YOUTUBE training this summer!!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality creates an engaging virtual experience for students, but it is sometimes difficult to tie Augmented Reality activities into the curriculum. This is how you can take these augmented app and get images.

  1. Download and print the Dot coloring page from the
  2. Download the Quiver App from the Apple or Google Play store.
  3. Have students color a picture related to your curriculum inside the Dot. Be careful not to color over the black outlines too much.
  4. Open the Quiver app and watch your picture come to life! Touch the purple circle to see more images.