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March 20, 2016

Principal's Message

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The Ides of March?

"Don't let your struggle become your identity." - C. Tang

My high school History teacher would often say, "Beware the Ides of March." I remember her saying these words as February ended and we began March. I never really understood why she said it over and over. Not until I became an elementary school principal.

For years I just viewed this as urban legend or an old wives tale. But then I began seeing patterns.

  • An increased amount of discipline issues.
  • Parents that appear more edgy.
  • Educators with less patience.
  • Events that are naturally unexplainable. You know, the ones that you say, "I can't make this up."

Don't get me wrong, there are several things I like about March. I'm an advocate of Reading Month. I enjoy St. Patrick's Day. I like the signs of spring with the daffodils blooming, cherry blossoms in full swing, and azaleas showing off their sweet flowers. Nothing says March like March Madness and Spring football.

My experience has taught me that fatigue is real. When fatigue and stress enter into a person's life it is natural for things to go haywire. I recently read a blog post by @gcouros and it is titled, Giving 100% When You Are Running On Empty. This post reminded me that the challenges are real for all of us. George also inspired me with this, "...Great teachers not only show up when they have nothing, many of them reach down and dig in for something that you would never know they were having a rough day, were tired, or just needed a day off."

There's a chance you are feeling tired. There's a chance you feel that you are managing more than teaching right now. There's a chance you are hanging on for dear life to reach Spring Break.

Let me say this, "I believe in you and your kids need you. I believe you became a teacher to make a difference. The best find something deep inside when things aren't easy."

If the Ides of March are taking a toll on you here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Smile & Greet your students at the door. Taking a few minutes in the morning to not worry about your plans and focus on the kids can really start the day on a positive note.
  2. Snap out of it! Doing something each day that is uncomfortable. Now is a great time to take a risk.
  3. Choose to learn & grow. I'm pretty confident imagination and creativity will have a positive impact with ALL students. If you're looking for a fantastic resource to motivate and inspire, check out Teach Like a Pirate by @burgessdave.
  4. Laugh. Carve out time each day to do something fun. Maybe you have a favorite show or activity that helps you recharge. You know the saying...Laughter is the best medicine!
  5. Show Appreciation! I'm a big believer that lifting others will also lift you.

Articles Worth Reading

Videos Worth Watching

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You
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Steph Curry Drains the Game Winner vs Oklahoma City


*Thank you Clemm for making sure all our students get to swim safely! ~Stacy Sedory

*Thank you Mr. Mike, Mr. Rickard, Mr. Parra, Ms. Danita, Mr. Tom, and Mr. Bolden for chaperoning our swim program! ~Stacy Sedory

*Thank you 2nd grade teachers and PE staff for your flexibility throughout the swim program! ~Stacy Sedory

*A huge thank you to the volunteers for helping with the goodie bags ~Shannon Panko

*A big shout out to Marlena Parra and Ronnie Elliot for your help with the St. Patty's shenanigans. ~The Leprechaun.

Upcoming Events

This Week

March 21: Summer School Meeting, 1:00 pm

March 21: Anchor Team Meeting, 3:20 in the library

March 22: State-wide Tornado Drill, 9:45am

March 22: Dress Code Committee, 3:20 pm in the library

March 23: Fire Safety Assemblies, 9am (2nd grade) and 2pm (3rd grade)

March 23: BFW doing learning walks, 1pm

March 24: PAC Meeting, 3:20 in the library

March 24: Cookie Fundraiser pick-up, 3-7pm

March 25: Career Day during PE times

Coming Soon

March 28-April 1: Spring Break

News to Share

~Picture day is Monday, March 21st. All individual and class pictures will take place during PE time. Students should bring their picture order envelopes/money with them to the gym when they get their pictures taken. Those classes that are affected by the swim program will have their class pictures later in the day. Club pictures will also be taken on Monday. We will try to keep announcements regarding pictures to a minimum, but we may need to make some. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

~Monday-Wednesday is "Leap Into Spring" in room 36. Please make sure you have signed up for a time and that it corresponds with a different grade level.

~There is an informational meeting and showcase for teachers interested in being a Personal Learning Fellow next year. It will be April 7th, at the Plaza Annex from 5-6:30pm. Applications for the position will be available March 24-May 2.

~The Career Teacher Application for 2016 will be available for downloading from the Intranet (Forms/Human Resources/Career Teacher Application) beginning in February.

~Check out the info on the new BE Well program VBCPS is offering. You can track your healthy habits and earn up to $500 a year!


Dr. Sedory has created a blog, My AP Tried It, where she will share out new ideas for using web sites and apps in your classroom. Some may help with classroom management while others may have instructional ideas. The blog will hopefully have new ideas each week!

This week's post is about Storyline Online. This web site has some popular stories being read by celebrities! Books like Enemy Pie (the one I read as a mystery reader this week), A Bad Case of the Stripes, The Kissing Hand, and more are on the site!


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Jordan Dosamantes: 3/24

Kristina Bradberry: 4/2

Asia Mainor: 4/2

Arlene Miller: 4/14

Arlina Staton: 4/22

Ebone Taylor: 4/19

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