Clara Luper

Why she should be inducted in to the Hall of Fame

Early Life

Clara Shepard Luper was born May 3, 1923 in Oklahoma. She went to high school in a all black town called Grayson, Oklahoma. She attended college at Langston University where she received a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in history. She became the first African American student to graduate Langston’s history program.

After College

After college Clara became a history teacher at Dunjee High School in Oklahoma City. While teaching she became the adviser for the Oklahoma City NAACP Youth Council. She was influenced greatly by Martin Luther Kings Jr. success. While advising the council she wrote a play based on Kings philosophy of non violence.


  • An early leader in the Civil Rights Movement

  • Became a leader in the NAACP youth council in Oklahoma
  • She became the adviser for the Oklahoma NAACP youth council

Her dedication

With the help of the youth council she wrote the a play titled Brother President. It was based on King's philosophy of nonviolence. This was to show that their protest was non violent but it was a serious cause.

Clara Luper reflects on her struggles and triumphs


1958 - Common market begins

1960 - Sprite is introduced by Coke

1961 - DNA genetic code is broken

1962 - Worlds first sugar free soda is created

1963 - President Kennedy is assassinated

1964 - Ford introduces the Mustang

1965 - Midicare bill passes