Spanish City Flyer

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in Spain, and is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, which faces the Mediterranean Sea.

Major Rivers & Mountains

The city is located on flat land boxed in by the Besos River in the north, the Llobregat River in the south, the Montjuich Mountain, and a semicircle of mountains where the Tibidabo is the highest point.


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Important Facts about Barcelona

1. Barcelona is Spain's 2nd largest city, its population being 1.6 million people.

2. The city has festivals nearly year round, such as Carnival, Corpus Christi, and the entirety of the Easter week.

3. Two official languages are spoken here; Spanish and Catalan, both Roman languages.

Points of Interests

1. The Font Magica Fountain- a beautiful multi-colored fountain added by a light show and music. It was built in 1929 and is still one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona today.

2. The Picasso Museum- Pablo Picasso, one of the world's most famous painters, lived with his family in Barcelona for a period of his life. This museum dedicated to him showcases many essential pieces of his life, including lesser known works and early sketches. It is Barcelona's most popular museum.

3. La Sagrada Familia Church- Designed by Antoni Gaudi, this unfinished church is spectacular and a huge tourist attraction. The architect died in 1926 in an accident, but the church is still in progress today, planned to be finished by 2026.

La Sagrada Familia Church

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Barcelona Weather

Spring: Very sunny, with long warm days where the temperature can be 17-20 degrees Celsius.

Fall: It is very rainy during the fall in Barcelona, a wet season with fog, and the temperatures can go down to 8 degrees Celsius.

Summer: Wonderful weather, 28 to 20 degrees Celsius, with cooler, windy nights.

Winter: Averagely cold, with the temperature dropping down to 4 degrees Celsius. It can be sunny for a period of the day, depending on however much snow there is.