Walk Two Moons

By Sharon Chreech



Salamanca Tree Hiddle goes on an exciting adventure with her grandparents to find her mother. On their road trip Sal tells the story of her dear friend Phoebe and realizes that they have had similar events happen in their lives. Sal finds herself as she retraces her mothers steps to Lewiston Idaho.

Thesis Sentence

Throughout the story, Sharon Chreech gives numerous clues and foreshadows to the unexpected ending of three characters.

Mike Bickle is Mrs. Winterbottoms Son

Sharon Creech made many remarks to foreshadow that Mike is Mrs. Winterbottoms son. "'I want to see Mrs. Winterbottom. Is she here or what?'... He wouldn't look us straight in the eye, but instead he kept glancing left and right." (Pgs. 43-44) He looked very nervous because was scared to meet his mother for the first time. "' Oh, Phoebe I think I met your brother.'"(Pg. 193) Mrs. Partridge says this to Phoebe. Phoebe looked confused. this foreshadows that Phoebe actually does have a brother and it is the lunatic.

Sals mom died in a BUS ACCIDENT

Sals mom dying in a car accident is vaguely shown throughout the novel. "Gram and Gramps wanted to see Momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho." (pg.5) Sharon Chreech uses the phrase "resting peacefully" to make the reader think that she is just in Idaho but it foreshadows that she was actually resting in her grave. "I prayed that we would not be in a car accident ( I was terrified of cars and buses)..." (pg. 7) Sal was always afraid of car accidents, but we don't realize why until the end of the book. Sals mom died in a bus accident, that is why she is so afraid of cars and busses.

Grams Death

Grams Death was also an unexpected situation but it was foreshadowed with numerous clues throughout the book. "Grams sniffled. ' Oh nothing. I'm so happy that I got to see old faithful.'" ( pg. 225) Grams said that she was happy that she got to see old faithful, before she died. Although this is a subtle remark, it is a huge foreshadowing on the event of Grams death. "When Grams spoke you could hear a rattle in her chest."(pg. 251) Grams had gotten much weaker after the snake bite. This foreshadows that she kept getting weaker and eventually dying.


Throughout the story big events happen such as Mike being Mrs. Winterbottoms son, Sals mom dying in a bus accident and Grams death. These events get foreshadowed and have clues to lead up to the unexpected ending of this novel. This book has many morals such as the ones on the notes from mrs. Partridge. Sal goes on her adventure to find her mother but really finds herself instead.