4th Grade All Stars

January 10, 2014

Upcoming Events

January 14: OES club yearbook pictures

---class hosts, academic team, student council, spelling bee participants

January 16: math test on multiplication
January 17: Report Cards go home
January 20: No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 22: Family Math Night (English)
January 29: Family Math Night (Espanol)
February 13: AR Party (15 points from 12-13 to 2-12)

Math and Science

Math-Welcome back! We are continuing our multiplication unit from last semester with a review of three different ways to complete multi-digit multiplication.You might have noticed your student using several different strategies to complete these problems since the "conventional" way of doing multiplication might not work for everyone. Please be patient as students work towards finding a strategy that works for them. They are actually luckier than we were; being forced to understand only one method of multiplication! We will test on multiplication, rounding, estimating, and exponents on Thursday, January 16th. Please look for a study guide to go home sometime next week.

Science- We are now starting our unit on weather! This includes learning about our atmosphere, weather properties, weather measurement tools, and types of weather patterns. Our goal is to test by the end of January, but I will keep you updated with our timeline as we progress.


Mrs. Dailey's class has PE on Tuesday.
Ms. Schreiner's class has PE on Friday.

Reading and Social Studies

Reading: We are continuing our unit of Legends, Tales, and Myths. The students are writing their own fictional pourquoi tales of how something in nature came to be the way it is. They are getting very creative with their storylines! In class, we are also practicing comparing and contrasting different fables that we read and working on our comprehension skills as well.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit in economics by tying it into literature. We are reading Dr. Seuss' The Lorax to review the economic concepts we have been studying. Our next unit is Government.

Notes from the teacher

We hope everyone had a wonderful long (extra long!) winter break. We really missed the kids and were happy to see them again this week. We think the kids were secretly excited to get back to their normal routines as well :)

If you are able to, Mrs. Dailey and Ms. Schreiner highly encourage you and your family to attend one of the family math nights that OES is hosting in January. We will both be there and look forward to sharing some exciting tips and resources to help with math at home. Please return RSVP cards on Monday; If you dont have a copy, just let us know in a note how many people in your family are planning on attending so we know when preparing dinner that will be free for you!

Report cards are going home next week along with winter benchmarking test scores. The scores and report cards are yours to keep. Please sign the report card envelope and send it back so that we can be sure that you have seen this information.

An update on Mrs. Dailey: As of right now, the baby is still on schedule to arrive at the end of February! We are all very excited, but I think I could use an extra snow day to get the nursery ready :)

As of now, we are in contact with a few interested subs and are in search of the perfect person for our class. If our baby girl comes on schedule (haha, right?) then I will be starting my maternity leave on/around February 26th. I DO PLAN TO RETURN THIS YEAR! If everything goes according to plan, I will return around May 1st to finish the school year with the students. Thank you for the well wishes and the much needed good luck!