Abusing the Link Card

By: Gloria Jimenez

Link card? A social issue?

Those that don't know what a link card is, well its credit that's available in the card holders account. Its a benefit that give money to those that cant afford to buy budget and pay bills. The way these people get their money is from the government they spends over $110 billion a year on food stamps (link). This a big social issue because people are abusing the link card so much its destroying our communities; physically and mentally. There is huge case of obesity going around and its mostly because of the link card. There are families that just go to any little retail store on the corner and spend $50.00 on junk, that's not even healthy for them or their families. Many little kids at the age of 5 use the link card to come buy candy or chips, and their not really understanding the real reason what the link card is suppose to be used for. Even parents are neglecting the real reason too, there's parent that use the cash of the link card to buy cigarettes! This is a huge issue and people need to understand the real reason why the link card was made, which is to help what you need, not what you want.

Making things better

The only way to stop people abusing the link card, is for the government to put a certain limit on the type of food to buy. To tell the people what they cant buy with it, so that our community is a better place to live in. We need to help those that don't understand what a link card is and to say no to a child when they want something. We can all cooperate together and help those to get what they need.


You can buy that with link? What??!!

you can buy a lot of things with link card, such as food or items needed such as tissue, soap, etc. But I bet most people didn't know they can buy cigarettes, chicken form KFC, headphones, Starbucks coffee, etc. Well you get the point. Link card is suppose to benefit you not buy all these ridiculous items. People need to realize what there getting there taking for granted! This money is entitled to help you get out the lower class one step at a time. But you rather stick your head up your butt and waste it! WAKE UP AMERICA!