The Other America

The Termination Policy

In 1953, the government announced that they would no longer be supporting Native American tribes all over the United States. Therefor, the termination policy was created. This policy deteriorated any federal economic support being used by anyone and the reservation system, and distributed new land for the Native American tribes. This resulted in the tribes moving into cities and other urban areas and ending the termination policy.


In the 1950's, businesses began to expand rapidly throughout the United States. Franchises began to flourish across the nation and many businesses began taking up the new trend. Some of the largest franchises began during this time era, most of which are fast-food restaurants. For example, the very first McDonalds opened in 1955 and became extremely popular. The beginning of franchises affected many American lives at this point in many ways, one being economic. Ray Kroc paid McDonalds $2.7 million to pay for the drive-in restaurant.