A Tangle of Knots

By Lisa Graff

Get Tangled Up

In the story there are multiple characters who go through different things. The main problem of the story is Mason Burgess. AKA The Owner. He is the main problem because he is a Talent stealer. Another problem is a hot air balloon crashes into the Asher's house, causing them to move into The Lost Luggage Emporium with Mason and Toby.

Then, Toby adopts Cady Burgess because he went to Miss Mallory's Home For Lost Girls. Due to almost killing a girl with his truck. Miss Mallory still kindly invites him in, and asks him if he wants to adopt the girl he almost killed, or Cady. He says yes and the Ashers, Toby, Mason, and Cady all live together at the Lost Luggage Emporium. It's tight, and Mason isn't to happy.

In the end, Cady is at a baking competition in NYC, because she has an INCREDIBLE Talent for baking cakes. When she is there Mason tries to steal her Talent, but doesn't succeed. Luckily. We don't know if Cady won or not. But, everything ended happily because according to the text, Mason mysteriously disappears, Toby, Cady, and the Ashers take over The Lost Luggage Emporium, and Cady still bakes cake. That is my summary for A Tangle of Knots.

The End


Key Things:

Advice Column

To: hermanthedog@gmail.com
From: cady.burgess@gmail.com

Dear Jack,
I haven't figured out my PERFECT cake yet. What should I do?!?

Thank you for reading,

Cady Burgess

To: cady.burgess@gmail.com
From: hermanthedog@gmail.com

Dear Cady,
I got your letter! That's so sad you haven't found your perfect cake yet. If you keep on trying, you'll find it! OR, if you're REALLY stuck, you can go meet Loretta. She was a judge at the baking competition in New York. She has the same talent as you, finding the perfect cake for someone.

Best Regards,

Jack Wolfe

Calling All Characters!

In this section I will tell you about ALL of the key characters.

Cady: Cady is an orphan that has a Talent for baking cakes. She was living at Miss Mallory's Home for Lost Girls before she got adopted by Toby.

Miss Mallory: She is petite and pixyish and is the owner of Miss Mallory's Home for Lost Girls.

Mrs. Asher: Is a great knitter. Will, Marigold, and Zane are her children.

Toby: Is a "dolt", He works for Mason at the Lost Luggage Emporium.

Will: Always appears out of nowhere; is Marigold and Zane's little brother

Marigold: Hasn't found her Talent yet, Will and Zane are her brothers.

Zane: Is a delinquent. Is the brother of Marigold and Will Asher.

Mason (AKA The Owner): Owns the Lost Luggage Emporium. toby works for him

"V": Isn't able to talk because she had a stroke. She keeps think of someone named "Caroline".


Dear Lisa Graff,

In the story Mason steals people's Talents. I don't like stealing because if you get stolen from, you will most likely be depressed. And, you will be missing things. During the story, Mason tries to steal Cady's Talent, and when he doesn't succeed, she is relieved. But, if he DID steal her Talent, she would fall apart. That is why I think stealing is bad.

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A Tangle of Knots book trailer

☺️Jack Wolfe☺️

I really LOVED the book. I liked it because, it was very, very interesting. And because there were a lot of cliff hangers! Also, I liked how each and every important character had their own cake and recipe. But, my least favorite part was when Mason was threatening to hurt Zane and Marigold. That is why I liked and disliked A Tangle of Knots.