Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of March 21st

Welcome back...

I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring break! It's time to buckle down and finish out our last quarter of the year. This quarter we will be very busy with several key elements: Completing the rest of our first grade curriculum, spiraling back through skills that students need help with, and focusing on second grade readiness. I will be using small groups, Daily 5, and math BUILD centers quite a bit more this quarter.

Things to remember...

This Friday, March 25th, is a school holiday. There will be no school so please plan accordingly.

Remember that the Fluency Folder is due on Thursdays. As I keep reminding students, it is not enough to just turn it in. The folder must be filled out to get credit!

Homework is due on Fridays. I will be taking points off for late homework from now on!

Our March Literacy contests are still going on! Remember that you can complete the assigned lessons on Reading Express, fill in your Fluency Folder every day, and complete AR quizzes to receive prizes and special privileges this month!

**Important reminder**

If you are in tutorials, Tuesday morning math tutorials begin at 7:45. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon tutorials end at 4:00. PLEASE be sure to be ON TIME for drop off or pick up.

This week we will learn...

LANGUAGE ARTS- Journeys, Unit 5, Lesson 25

Spelling words- how, now, cow, owl, ouch, house, found, out, gown, town, shout, power

Bonus words- buy, city, family, myself, please

MATH- Go Math, Module 19, Graphing

SCIENCE- STEMScopes, Living and Nonliving Things

SOCIAL STUDIES- Studies Weekly, Week 24, Goods and Services

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend! Happy first day of spring!!