Ultrasound technician

Ashley Diaz

What is a ultrasound technician?

A ultrasound technician operates equipment that utilizes sound waves to create images of the body's internal structures.


How many hours does a ultrasound work?
They work about full time 20-40 hours a week


The average starting is $45,840 a year hourly $20.08-$38.51
The average salary is $66,410 a year hourly $24.68-$56.45
Career length and the particular city each impact that.

Pros/Cons of working this job are

  1. good amount of pay
  2. can be safe by knowing your job will always be secure
  3. not only does an ultrasound technician receive excellent health benefits but, also extend down to their family as well
  1. technicians typically stand for long periods.
  2. must lift and position disabled patients
  3. often exposed to patients with serious infections

Career Requirements

In order to become ultrasound technician you need a associate's degree is most common; certificate and bachelor's degree programs also available as well.

To get those requirements you can go to community colleges, technical/vocation schools and at some universities.