The Basset Cafe

The Cafe, For Everyone

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The Cafe For Dogs And People!

Bring your dog(s) in for a treat!

Sit down and have a sip of coffee or tea with your dog!

Bring your dogs!

Sit down for breakfast while we can walk your dog, or just let him/her play with the other dogs.

You don't have to do any work besides relax by your favorite food or drink!

Our "mascot" Charlie Basset!


Our food/beverages

Food: |Drinks: *All each for $5*

Muffins |Coffee*All Types*

Eggs |Tea*All Types*

Toast |Snapple Tea

French Toast |Milkshakes

Breakfast Sandwiches |Soda Slushies

Omelets |Soda

Porridge |Milk

Oatmeal |OJ

Sausages |Fruit Slushies

Black Pudding |Hot Chocolate

Hash Browns |Lemonade

Apples |Apple Juice

Fruit |Strawberry Lemonade

Cereal |Almond Milk

And More