Internet Safety

What is Internet Safety?

Internet Safety is:

-being careful about who you talk to on the internet.

-being careful about what websites you visit.

-not giving out your personal information.

-using the internet to safely have fun and do school work!

Faux Paw the techno Cat

What Are Some Safety Tips That Everyone Can Use, Including Faux Paw?

-Don't give a stranger your address or phone number.

-Don't give a stranger your last name.

-Don't post pictures online without your parent's "OK."

-Don't agree to meet with anyone that you meet online.

-Don't buy anything off the internet without your parents saying you can.

-Don't open emails from people you don't know.

-Don't send or respond to mean or inappropriate messages.

-Do ask for permission from your parents or teachers before going on a website.

-Do tell your parents if something bad or inappropriate happens while you are online.

-Do tell your parents if someone is being mean to you online.

-Do keep all of your passwords between you and your parents and/or teacher only.