Join us in saving the lives of many Animals!

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Education/Experience Requirements

To become a Vet you need to have your Doctoral or Professional degree. Some Veterinarians can take up to seven years of school! Before getting out of school, it is also helpful to try and take care of some pets under close supervision by an actual Vet if possible.

Job Outlook and Location

Jobs Available: About 70,300
Veterinarians usually work in Vet clinics, but they can also travel out to family owned farms and other areas where it makes it easier on the owner of the animals.

Salary and Wages

  • Annual Pay: $84,460
  • Hourly Pay: $40.61
  • Bonus: $0.00 - $14,764


  • Plenty of Jobs available
  • Get to hang out with Animals all day
  • Pays very well
  • Satisfaction in helping animals


  • Involves many years of Education
  • The work can be physical, mental, and emotional too
  • Possibility of being bitten
  • You will have to give euthanasia to some pets :(


  • Examine the animal to find out whats wrong.
  • Treat and Medicate the injured or sick animals.
  • Collect any body fluids that may be needed.
  • Operate equipment on the animals.
  • Advise the owners about everything.
  • Euthanize animals...
  • Provide TLC to all animals.

Guaranteed to bring you Joy and Happiness with this Career.