My True Colors

Michele Hour 2

Orange & Blue

For my True Colors Personality test I had a tie between two of the Colors, Orange and Blue. As a result I picked the one that I thought most clearly described me. I picked Orange, for the project.


Orange - I had a difficult time fitting into academic routine, I learned by doing and experiencing rather then by listening and reading, and I need physical involvement in the learning process and was motivated by my own natural competitive nature and a sense of fun. - I'm a kinetic learner and struggle to learn anything through text books. I struggled to fit in to school still kinda do. I don't fall into any preexisting category (i.e. - Jock/Cheerleader/Geek/Nerd and Dyslexic taking AP courses)


Orange - I seek a relationship with shared activities and interest, I like to explore new ways to energize the relationship, I need to be bold and thrive on physical contact, I enjoy giving extravagant gifts that bring obvious pleasure to special people in my life. - When I look for a friend I want someone who enjoys what I enjoy. I want someone who loves Robotics, video games and keeps schoolwork #1 priority. I always want the relationship to be new and exciting. During Christmas I usually do go above and beyond on Christmas gifts because the smile on someones face is the best Christmas present for me.


Orange - I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured, I am satisfied in careers that allow me independence and freedom, while utilizing my physical coordination and my love of tools, I view any kind of tool as and extension of myself, I'm a natural performer. - I do tend to get bored very easy because of my ADHD. I usually want to be building or using my tools to piece something together. I love the satisfaction when you fix something or build something the feeling of being done and the accomplishment of finishing a long project is satisfying.

Leadership Style

Orange - I expect quick action, work in the here and now, performance oriented, flexible approach, welcomes change, and expects people to "make fun of it" - When I lead my robotics team I expect the tasks I assign to be done in a quick time frame, I rarely look into the future or the past I look to what need to be done at the moment, I do want to make sure that the team is performing to their best and try to resolve any problems that might arise. I try to be flexible when students want me to lead the team into a new direction. However most of all I want to make sure that everyone has fun.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Orange - Rudeness and defiance, Breaking the rules intentionally, Running away and dropping out, use of stimulants, acting out boisterously, lying and cheating, and physical aggressiveness. - Don't really do much that fits this category but I do on my bad days have a little of a rudeness and defiance streak. I usually just want people to leave me alone so I can get my thoughts in order. The worse thing people can do when I'm in a bad mood is ask "What's wrong?" or "Hey, I need you to do...". When I'm having a bad day just let me be and think. I will be much better in a few hours if you do.

What Three Characteristics About Your Color Fit You Best?

Expects Quick Action, I view any kind of tool and an extension of myself, I learn by experience rather then listening and reading.

What Three Characteristics were not like you?

Running away and dropping, Physical Aggressiveness, and use of stimulants if I have a bad day.

What type of Job do you believe fits your personality type?

Engineer or Mechanic

How Might your color affect you at work (Give 2 Positive and 2 Negative Examples)

Positive - Great Managing Tasks and People, Great Hand and Eye Coordination\

Neg - Get Bored Really Easily, When having a bad day...Look out...Rudeness and defiance incoming.