Canada's struggle with identity

by: lily trombly


Separatism has been a problem between Quebec and Canada for years. this situation has hit home for many. Although, today the Canadian government treats separatism like something impossible. In an article called "This is what Quebec Separatism Looks Like in 2013" the writer says 'it's no surprise that 61% of Canadians think Quebec has enough sovereignty within Canada and that number is only so low because 42% of Quebecois want to separate according to Angus Reid poll'. So not everyone wants to separate. According to Jean-Claude 'The economic situation in Quebec is extremely favorable'. Quebec is, in terms of income per capita, less indebted than other countries. But even though they (Canada) are doing well they are still a province with no control over all of their means.

Quebec wanting to separate affects everyone who lives there and has been an issue for years. This adds to Canada's struggle for a national identity. Without Quebec, Canada would lose a ton of population. Quebec is among the most populated provinces and would be a hard hit on Canada. Although it is unlikely, in today's world, that Quebec will actually separate. There will always be someone who wants to separate from Canada.

What about you? Would you want to separate from Canada if you were one of the Quebecois?

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