Eagle's Locker Room Update

September 19.2016


Monday, September 19th: A Day

PLC Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 4th

3:30 Staff Meeting Sign in: https://secure.smsd.org/licensureSD/signIn.cfm?classID=34678

Tuesday, September 20th: B Day

7:30 Choir

PTA meeting 7:00

School-wide dental screening

Wednesday, September 21st: C Day

Thursday, September 22nd: D Day

7:30-10:30 Pam, Kevin, Britt at SMEF breakfast

7:30 Choir

Friday, September 23: A Day

2nd, 5th, 6th PLC

7:30 Admin Team Meeting

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 26th: Gail (BIST) at Apache IS- Britt will send out schedule

3:30: staff meeting focusing on de-escalation techniques with school psych Amy Drinnon and behavior coach Christi Weldon and #family Activity

Wednesday, September 28th: 1:30 SMW Student News Crew featuring Apache IS for Spotlight on Shawnee Mission (more information to come)
Friday, September 30th: Early Dismissal- Professional development

Tuesday, October 4th: Vision Screening

Wednesday, October 5th: Mathletics at Apache IS

Walk to School Day

Thursday, October 6th: Learning Showcase Grades 3 & 5

Staff flu clinic

Friday, October 7th: Coffee with principals in library 7:30-8:00

8:15 am site council (will be visiting classrooms and highlighting innovative opportunities for learning for Apache IS students)

2:45: Spirit Rally

BUILDING SCHEDULE: The following link will take you to a master building schedule. Please add grade level events to the schedule as you see fit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14y8Z-EhtBOkxp5FrLqRG8AQCH4AkB3i9LX8B-7okSuc/edit?usp=sharing

Digital Resources

Readworks.org, a free website that provides a variety of passages and comprehension activities has now gone digital: http://digital.readworks.org A teacher can create a class and assign articles at different reading levels for specific students. It is a great resource for all reading levels.

Khan Academy is trying a new resource that correlates with MAP scores https://www.khanacademy.org/mappers. A student is able to type in their RIT scores at each level, and Khan takes them to different videos/lessons that match their level.

From C&I

Mapping: Please continue to check the district's website for updated maps. ELA maps for 3rd and 4th quarter are added daily. The Social Studies team met for the first time this week, and their goal is to have maps published for each grade-level by January 1.

Curriculum Council: We need one staff member from Apache IS to be a part of the district's curriculum council. This team meets once a quarter and works across all grade-levels to review content being published by the curriculum cadres. If you are interested in joining this team, please let Abby or Brittany know right away. The first meeting is Monday, October 10. They will be meeting 4-5 at Indian Creek.

Upcoming Catalog Course: Let's DAB (The Daily 5 and Balance Literacy). Presented by Krita Carson and Kathy Mason at Nieman library. The course will be on October 3rd. If you would like at attend, please sign up using the course catalog.

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Staff Shoutouts

Ali Mackenzie dedicated to working with teammates to develop a successful plan for her student.

Amanda Mingori – stepping to problem solve for kids and provide intense services for students that need it most.

Staci Meek – a Friday treat that keeps her colleagues going strong.

Abby Morgan – setting up schedule and leading the district communications through our building.

Nate Mitchell – taking a risk and interviewing with district news crew to highlight our awesome student teachers.

Sydne Utlat: For being interviewed for the SMSD communications team to share the great things happening in first grade!

Mentor Teachers – continuing to go above and beyond to prepare our student teachers for the future.

Libby Kramer – taking care of a student from another classroom that needed more support when there was a substitute.

Sandy Reighard – she’s on TWITTER!

Joe Kegan, Libby Kramer, Tasha Howard: Representing Apache IS on Math Cadre

Amanda Doll, Kent Yokum, & Brittany Gonser: Serving the district on SS Cadre

Staci Meek & Ali Mackenzie: Working on the ELA Cadre

Family Day

CASA is promoting a Family Day through their website casafamilyday.org. It is a day to encourage families to eat together because research shows that children of families that eat together are less likely to abuse alcohol/or drugs.

There is a suggestion this year that families take a selfie of the family doing something together that evening and post it to social media with the hashtag #myfamilyselfie. We thought that this would be a great thing to promote with our Apache IS families and have them use the hashtag #myfamilyselfie512

Here’s how we would like to integrate this into Apache IS…

  1. We are going to put out a sky alert for out Apache IS families to participate in their own homes and we would like for you to help promote this in your classrooms next week. Maybe offer to tweet out photos for the students the next day on Sept. 27th. Please explain that it doesn’t HAVE to be dinner…it can be any family time event that evening like watching a tv show or movie, reading a book, playing a game etc.
  2. On September 26th, consider doing a cooperative team building activity with your students and post photos of your “class family” #myfamilyselfie512 #ApacheIS
  3. We would also LOVE it for staff to participate in this event as well with your own families. So that evening take a pic of your own family (or friends) doing something together and tweet it out with #myfamilyselfie512 and #ApacheIS
  4. Finally be ready for some “staff family” activities at our 9/26 staff meeting.

Below is a link to the casafamilyday.org website with some family activities that promote conversations and togetherness.


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