Mysterious Outbreak in Bathdrop

By:Joe Annoura

out break

In Bathdrop, Africa near Nigeria. The doctors have concluded that many people including the doctor's wife have some sort of mysterious disease that has never before been seen in Bathdrop. It's neighboring town, Nigeria has had a disease like this a couple years ago. so far, only one patient has died, the sheriff's wife, Martha.

out break (continued)

Half the town is now infected with this disease. most of the richer families are either moving out or not going outside. We are asking all visitors to not come until further notice. For the people with this disease, our doctors are working day and night trying to find a cure or way to stop this disease from spreading.

-Joe Annoura

Town Mayor

When did this start?

This mysterious disease started about a week ago after some kid got it. The disease probably spread to other people then eventually half the town.