Science Class

What we are doing in Science 2016

This Week

This week in Science we are learning about the atmosphere. The atmosphere is divided into 5 layers, stratosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, exosphere, and troposphere. We just finished learning about space and the universe and in my opinion it was pretty interesting to learn about

What we learned today

Today in Science my class had a sub teacher. We read a few pages of our Science book about the atmosphere. Then, we worked on a worksheet on the different layers of the atmosphere. Afterwords, we did a reflection about the different layers as well. At the end of class, we watched a movie called "Space Camp". It was a productive day.
National Geographic Our Atmosphere Earth Science

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Today we watched a Bill Nye episode on the atmosphere. I was out of the room most of it but for the part I saw it was very informative. It taught us why mountains are so cold when we are on them then off them. It is because of the air pressure of the atmosphere.