Electro Magnetism

Georg Ohm, Nikola Tesla, James Maxwell and Richard Feynman

Georg Ohm (March 16th 1789 - July 6th 1854)

“Ohm’s Law”, he basically researched electricty, he also studied the fundemental principles of physiological acoustics. He discovered the decrease in electromagnetic forces produced by a wire, as a length of the is wire decreases. The outcomes of his success is that the rule is now called, “Ohm’s Law”, he was also able to define the relationship of the fundementals between voltage, currents and their relationships.

Nikola Tesla (July 10th 1856 – January 7th 1943)

Was a Serbian scientist/inverntor who moved to New York and became America’s “Mad Scientist.” He helped Thomas Edison with inventing the bulbed light. He created the first wireless transmitted light bulb, along with his transmistion to a wireless light switch or light. He discovered cosmic radio waves and electrical resonance. He invented the AC electric motor and the AC distribution systems. He also created, and was the first to test out the wireless transmitions. (By Radio)

James Maxwell ( June 13th 1831 – November 5th 1879)

He published physical and mathematical theories of the electromagnetic fields. He also discovered and created the “Kinetic Theory.” Most of his life he studied and researched electromagnetic radiation. He modified the magnetic waves and their fields. He discovered and electromagnetic fiedl that changed the magnestism and then induced the changed electric field. He discovered them by experiment.

Richard Feynman (May 11th 1918 – February 15th 1988)

The American physicst. He was a scientiest, muscian, teacher and professor. He studied physicology and scientology. He expanded the reasoning behind electroldynamics. He helped discover ways to build the atomic bomb and translated hieroglyphics. He opened the doors for extravagant discovery within the electromagnetic fields across the world.