Using Padlet in Your Classroom

Start using this tool TODAY!

Padlet is an online tool that anyone can use. You do not need to have an account to use Padlet (which makes it an easy tool to begin using in your classroom today). Think of the Padlet wall as a virtual corkboard/bulletin board/digital poster. You can add text, videos, pictures, documents, etc on a Padlet wall. The Padlet wall can be saved, shared, embedded, and exported depending on your needs. To open your account (and have your padlets saved) go to and set up your account.

Open Padlet now and set up your account (you can do this by signing in with Google).

Let's Create A Padlet

Step 1: From your dashboard, choose Make a Padlet.

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Step 2: Enter Basic Information About Your Wall

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Step 3: Scroll down under layout and choose a wallpaper. You can upload your own, if you wish.

Step 4: Click "Next" and choose your privacy settings. I usually choose secret.

It's Time to Post on Your Padlet

Click twice anywhere on your wall to add a "post" or "write" on your wall

1. Provide a name and/or post title

2. Provide a description of what the post is about or add text

3. Add either URL's (including images, websites, videos, etc), upload documents or files from your computer, or take and add pictures with the camera on your computer or device

Now Let's Share Your Padlet

Click on the share button. When the Share window opens, choose Share/Export/Embed. Pick the way you would like to share your Padlet.
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Let's Get the Padlet Extension

Go to Google and search for Padlet extension in the Chrome Web Store. Download this extension. Now you can easily add just about anything online into a Padlet (in one simple step).
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Click on this Padlet for more ideas on using the tool in your classroom.