Red Ribbon Week

Dress up days

Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

Monday twin day-team up against drugs.Find a friend and dress up like him/her.

Tuesday black and white out-black and white out-celebrate being drug free.Dress up in black and white.

Wednesday culture day- Be you! Be drug free! wear some thing that represents your culture (sports team shirt, food or music shirt)

Thursday boot out drugs - wear western gear. (boots,plaid shirt,jeans etc.)

Friday crazy hair day- My hair may be crazy but I don't do drugs You may use hair dye but, it must be temporary and must be washed out by Monday

Red Ribbon Week Thanks!!!

The following is a brief history on how Red Ribbon Week began.

Red Ribbon Week began as a way to commemorate the sacrifice Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena made 25 years ago.

According to, Camarena worked his way through college, the military and joined the police force. He later joined the U.S. DEA in the hopes of making a difference in the world by stopping illegal drugs from entering the United States.

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