Alberto is an innocent 15 year old who lives in Columbia. His poppa calls his mother and informs her that there’s a war going on. Tears starting rolling down his mamma’s face and realized that her son was in the war zone. At this point, she would go into the war zone and pick up the son. (If she can find him.) Unfortunately, it’s not looking too good for his mother. “THE THEATER WAS MASSIVE AND IN THE DARKNESS IT SEEMED to grow even more cavernous. We were huddled in family groups, hugging each other.” Pg. 126. He’s not rich, but very poor. Alberto is fifteen..Although; in many cases, he acts up to twice his age..for example, he holds seminars, he helps individuals, he’s very mature, and I think that it counts for him being an adult, because he’s made a tremendous difference with everyone, even adults! This is why Alberto's an outstanding character in his community.

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These two pictures would be beyond the lines of what you would see in Columbia. Poor, old slums filled most of the premises. You would see piles, and piles of pollution, thus creating the horrid environment they have to live in.
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Geographical information:

As you saw in the pictures above, Alberto and his family live in a horrid environment. It is not safe. They're covered in bacteria, germs, and pollution. No one should have to live there. There's massive amounts of mud that can transmit diseases from other people, rodents, and animals. In those photos you see, you also notice the baby that's forced to walk through it. Alberto loves his family and has a deep passion for them; it’s clear. For evidence, he was in a room hugging his mother. He also misses his brother Hernando. Without his brother it seems he has gaps in his life. “‘You can’t go there mama,” my sister told her. “They are still fighting. It’s a war zone.” So my mother went back to waiting. The tears rolled down her face. You could see she would not have minded walking right into the battle to pick up her son and bring him home.” As you can see, Alberto’s sister cares about her mother she doesn’t want her to go into the war zone. Her mother also cares about Hernando, so she would walk right into the war and drag her son out of it!
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Environment and Schooling

This is exactly what Alberto has to go through in the average day. The Slums are unsafe. They have very limited CLEAN drinking water, imagine the dieases you can get from the water! Alberto probably does not go to school (It never said he did, or didn't) you can make the assumption he stays home and helps work, and also helps his family!
The Reality of Life Poor Children Have in Colombia

What events have caused them to want to fight for change?

They continue to fight because they see what goes on and do not want to have that in their future. If they continue to live like they are now, they realize, it will get worse. Alberto is still trying to fight. He even holds seminars at his school, he’s a part of the Colombian Red Cross. He feels peace is depended on the way you see things and reacts, and he want’s people to respond much differently. He knows giving boring seminars is no fun, not very educational either. (This is because you zone out and get nothing out of what you’re trying to say.) He branched out into other schools promoting peace and even got students with great ideas. Alberto would help anyone that asked. He remembered being huddled in a theater with his family, scared. He doesn't want to live in terror, nor does any other child that’s defending their nation. Alberto also wants his brother to come back to his house, he misses him very much. Without his brother, it seems he's having more of a hard time. When Alberto wins his fight he will have his brother back home, his brother even is fighting for freedom.

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What have they done to promote change?

Alberto has been doing many speeches and lectures/seminars to younger people, even helping individual people to promote peace. He tells everyone bullying is not okay,(which does effect the future!) He's also a part of the Columbia Red Cross, helping many devastated people. Alberto is very mature for his age, and will do whatever it takes to help anyone. One story of a girl being bullied made Alberto upset, so he went to the class and said he saw it, and helped the girl, a lot! This is what Alberto's done to help peace!
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What are they hoping for in the future?

Alberto is hoping for a better life-style, for peace, and especially for his brother to come back. He's having a horrible time without him. When he was in the theater and they announced Hernando was alive, he was very happy, and excited. Hernando's words were I am fine and I will be home soon, giving hope to Alberto.
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