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Essentials For A Rideshare App Services Driver

If you have been driving for a while then you might have noticed how important the following items are when it comes to providing rideshare app services. If you are planning to be rideshare app services driver then Rydely is here to provide you with a list of essentials that you will need to start your ridesharing experience. First of all, if you are not all familiar with how ridesharing app services work then you can check out our website for a helpful online resource. After which, you can check out the list below to know what you will need before becoming a ridesharing driver for Uber:

- Mount for your smartphone. It is the most important thing you should have on the car so you will have something to put your phone in without placing it on your lap. This way, you will be able to see the directions without looking down on your lap and your passenger/s may be able to see as well. There are many different types of phone mount you can choose from such as magnetic, flexible and unobtrusive. Remember that magnetic mounts are only recommended for phones without a hard drive to avoid damage. Phones with flash memory can be placed on a magnetic phone mount.

- Phone chargers and wires. If you are a full time driver then you might have encountered a passenger that needs a charger for his/her phone. It is one way to be able to offer something to your passengers if you do not have the budget for snacks and bottled water. Make sure to pick a USB port that will be able to accommodate all your gadgets on the car plus the passenger’s. Don’t forget to have the charger cables on hand too because many passengers does not carry these with them. Choose one that is long enough to reach your backseat.

- Rubber Floor mats. If you are driving near the beach and even on inland areas, your car will be able to accumulate a lot of sand and dirt overtime. The floor mats will help cleaning easier and it will provide protection for any spills inside the vehicle.