Down Syndrome

By: Ally Knight

What happens to a person with this syndrome/ Summary:

When a person has this syndrome they have learning difficulties, mental retardation, a characteristic facial appearance, and poor muscle tone. They also have a higher risk of heart defects and digestive problems. it affects 1 in 800 to 1 in 1,000 newborn infants.

How you get this syndrome:

Down Syndrome can be found on infancy characteristic clinical findings. When they think a person has this they will take a genetic test. Chromosome analysis is performed to look for an extra chromosome 21.

Treatment for Down Syndrome:

Treatment for Down Syndrome is based off of the persons physical problems and challenges. Children with Down Syndrome get treated early and aggressively so, it doesn't affect their hearing.

What the Doctors can do to Help:

If they baby has Down Syndrome they check their heart because usually if a baby has Down Syndrome they can have a heart defect too. If a baby has this it makes it hard to walk and roll over so, the doctor helps by sending them to physical therapy to help them.

Important Facts about Down Syndrome:

#1 Fact: Living expectation has gone up from 25 to 60 years old.

#2 Fact: Most cases of Down Syndrome are not inherited, but some cases are inherited.

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