Mrs. Koontz's Newsletter

May 10, 2016

Important Notes

Here are a few important reminders:
  • If your child will go home a different way than usual, you will need to write a note. If I do not have a note saying they will go home a different way, I will send them home their normal way.
  • Please, please make sure your child has a supply of pencils and a dry erase marker (black works best).
  • Please remember, our day starts at 7:35. Students switch classes at 7:45. We have a high number of tardies in some classes. Every minute of our day is precious. We are reviewing for EOGs in each class. Please make every effort to get your child to school on time. Thank you.

Science Notes

We have finished our light unit and are half way through our study of moon phases and day/night. We should finish that this week. Please have your child review their notes and phases of the moon study guide for our assessment this week. We will then have a quick unit on animal and plant adaptations. After that, we will do a review of all concepts taught this year as well as nutrition that was taught in Health/PE class. This is all in preparation for our upcoming Final Exam in Science on June 3.

Math Notes

We have finally finished our biggest unit, fractions! Because students did so well and really grasped those concepts, our current unit on decimals has been a breeze. We should finish this up next week and then do a very short unit on conversions within the customary measurement system. Of course, we have already started our review of concepts taught this year for EOG and will continue until we test. Please have your child here on time as the beginning of each class is when we review for EOG. Remember, you can always have your child log into their account to do some review as well.


Field Day is scheduled for this Friday, May 13, weather permitting from 12:00 - 2:20 for grades 3-5. Here are a few suggestions regarding what your child should bring/wear on that day:

  • Wear a swim suit under clothing. Please remember that if your child is wearing a two-piece swimsuit and a light colored shirt, we should not be able to see their mid-drift when their shirt is wet.
  • Wear gym shoes. If your child does not have gym shoes/tennis shoes/sneakers on, they will not be permitted to participate and they are not permitted to call home to have someone bring them a pair of shoes.
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind get dirty or wet. Your child will be soaked from head to toe. Their shoes will be filthy.
  • Apply sunscreen at home. Students are not permitted to bring sunscreen to school or apply it at school. It is considered a medication.
  • Pack a set of extra clothes. This includes different shoes (I recommend flip flops as they are easy to get on quickly) and a clean pair of underwear. Nobody wants to sit on a bus for an hour in wet pants.
  • Bring a beach towel. This is more for drying off afterwards.
  • Bring a water bottle. Although there will be water stations, students will get hot and thirsty in between.
  • Wear a hat. Sunburn on your scalp is no fun.

I think this about covers it. I will go over everything with my homeroom. If I forgot something here, I am sure they will ask me about it so I can remember it.


Below is the revised testing schedule for this year. We had to change testing dates for Final Exams because they will be online this year and we need to make arrangements for everyone to have access to a computer at the same time:

Friday, May 27 - Social Studies Final Exam - Fourth grade will start after fifth grade finishes. We expect that to be around 11:00.

Wednesday, June 1 - Reading EOG (not online)

Thursday, June 2 - Math EOG (not online)

Friday, June 3 - Science FInal Exam (online)

If your child misses a testing session, they must make it up before the end of school.

Important Dates!!!

May 9 - 13 - Habitat for Humanity fund raiser

May 11 - Boosterthon pledges due

May 13 - Field Day

May 19- Spirit Day/Chic Fil A Night

May 26 - 4th Grade Awards Ceremony (more information to follow - invitation only)

May 27 - Social Studies Final Exam

May 30 - No school - Memorial Day

June 1 - Reading EOG

June 2 - Math EOG

June 3 - Science Final Exam

June 9 - Last Day for Students - 11:30 dismissal


I would like to send a big thank you to everyone for the wonderful treats, cards, gifts, and general kind gestures last week. I appreciate you for all you do to make my job easier. I also want to thank you for a wonderful, phenomenal year.

Contact Me!

Here are some ways to contact me throughout the day. Remember, I will not get phone messages until after school.