1936 Olympics,Jessie Owens Impact.

This article is about Jessie Owens and his impact at the 1936 Olympics. Jessie Owens was was African American also known as the fastest man in the world. Completeing in events and breaking records. The topics I'm doing are Jessie Owens Breakout Proformance, Hitler Shame, and Jessie's Impact.

Jessie Owens Breakout Proformance

Jessie Owens was a student out of Ohio State Universtiy while he was in the 1936 Olympics. Jessie Owens set a new record in the 20.7 secounds and 10.3 secounds in the 100 meter dash. He was also won the first of the four gold metals in the 100 meter dash. His proformanc was one of the greastest ever and probally will never be forgotten.

Hilter Shame

Hilter probaly took Jessie Owens proformace as a great insult, all ready almost banning Jews from being able to complete in the Olympics but still his superhuman "Arogan" atheles didn't won all the gold medals for every event or race. he also said to one of his men that asked him do you not want to be photographed with Jessie Owens? Hilter replied "Do you really think that I would allow myself to be photographed shaking hands with a Negro." Thats proff that Hilter was mad.

Jessie Impact

Jessie Owens left a hoge impacted on the country, races and expecily black people. He showed people that it doesn't matter what where you come from you can still be great. Jessie was a great man with great charater people cheered and wanted to take pictures with him even do he was black! I know that Jessie Owens will never be forgotten.

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